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About Us

Abledales Education is a professional Private School Group with approved projects regulated by the local government. Our private school projects cover different levels of education ranging from Childcare to Grade 12. Our campuses across the region encourage student's learning ability and broaden their international exposure through education for global competencies, and the appreciation of multicultural values. We aim to support students with qualified teaching, carefully formulate personalized academic planning and advancement plans for each student and provide professional learning guidance. Abledales Education is dedicated to serving the community by building a supportive environment to nurture outstanding students to become future achievers.

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Welcome to Abledales Education

Welcome to Abledales Education, a place where learning knows no boundaries. Our dedicated team of educators is committed to creating a dynamic and inclusive learning environment that serves diverse learning styles. With a rich blend of innovative teaching methods, state-of-the-facilities, and a passion for excellence, we aim to inspire a lifelong love for learning in every student.


Our Current Projects

Crown Academy

Crown Academy is a private high school providing Ontario Secondary School Diploma program and credit courses, as well as university preparatory courses. Our courses are fast-tracked with only two months each term allows students to quickly complete their studies and apply for universities. We guarantee that students can enter career colleges and first-class universities after graduation. Crown Academy also provides a full set of related services for studying abroad and immigration.

Project URL:                   Phone:                     Email:     (416) 228-8898

Innunco Academy

Project URL:                  Phone:                      Email:        (416) 845-6865

Innunco Academy offers Ontario Ministry of Education approved OSSD program and credential courses online and on campus. Students are able to complete prerequisite courses in advance and achieve anticipated grades. This provided students two available education options namely online and on-campus. In particular the online platform allows students to have unlimited access to free lessons at anytime and at any place. Student can choose to enroll in a single course or a full-time study, and work on your Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Upon the completion of their studies students can receive credits approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education for successfully completing courses. Earned credits can be transferred to their university, college, or their home school.

Abledales Academy - New York

Abledales Academy New York aims to provide a professional school learning environment for students of different ages, across the world. We aim to help children grow in a protected environment in our childcare program, lead students to a successful career through developing their competencies in the essential knowledge in our elementary project and formulate personalized academic advancement plans in our secondary school programmes. Abledales also aims to broaden student’s views by educating them about the global industries and promoting multicultural values; contribute to society through the persistent pursuit of excellence; create a transformative learning experience for students and guiding them to become global leaders. We envision ourselves as a global leading education group with campuses across various regions, connecting students around the world.

Project URL:                      Phone:                         Email:   +1 (212) 919-8685

Abledales Research and Development Institution

Welcome to Abledales Research and Development Institute, where we are focusing our work within the education sector, which includes but is not limited to early childhood education providers, private schools, charter schools, and post-secondary schools. We provide a range of research and consulting services to our clients. Our team has over 10 years of experience in growing companies within the education industry and we have a unique competitive advantage in identifying and securing the specific needs of our clients. At our research institute, our products and services cover areas such as government policy legislation research, financial consulting, and operation management; we also specialize in market research, analysis, and predictions, as well as business consulting services, among others. At Abledales, we believe that constant learning and growth are essential to our success. That’s why we provide our team with continuous learning opportunities, ensuring that we are always at the forefront of our industry, By doing so, we create a true learning experience for everyone on our team, enabling us to provide our clients with the best possible service.

Project URL:                    Phone:                       Email:   +1 (902) 332-8882

Future Project and Strategic Planning

Abledales currently have four running projects dedicated to helping students to achieve their academic and career goals. Our next step is to open more campuses in different regions to support more students around the world. We are planning to develop private school projects in the nearby Canadian provinces and states in the United States providing various levels of education. Our goal is to serve with local governments, create more job opportunities, and cultivate the future workforce by providing more educational options. Canada and the United States are globalized, immigrants populated countries, we want to help newcomers to become successful academically, and workwise. Through our early childhood programs, we aim to foster a positive early learning experience. Through our private school projects, elementary students will have the chance to get a head start on their education, and secondary students will have the opportunities to retake their courses and earn the needed to apply for their dream universities. Abledales envisions itself as a global-leading educational institution, we take pride in leading students to success, and will strive to reach out to possible students across the globe.